Group Classes

Southport Fitness includes a wide variety of group classes that are included with premium memberships.  Class descriptions and a schedule of classes are included below. 


Our bootcamps are designed to be a complete fitness program that delivers crazy results.  Take 3 of these each week and you will be a new person.  Bootcamps are now included in our premium membership and require no additional monthly costt!


Southport Fitness is adding more yoga classes than ever before! All of our teachers are studio certified, so you get studio-level yoga without the price-tag. All yoga is included in our premium memberships

Spin Classes

We'll be adding even more spin classes, so get in here and get in shape with some of our motivated spin instructors. New classes coming in September!



SPF Schedule (8-13-18).PNG

Southport Fitness Spin Class schedule will be shifting in September, to include even more classes! We will be adding daily spin classes and new instructors, so stay tuned for more info!

SPF Spin Schedule.png