Kettle Balls

Flexible training options that motivate and energize.

Southport Fitness offers 3 ways to take your training to the next level – small group training, one-on-one training and boot camps.  Each training program offers the support of our community members and the personalized attention of a dedicated trainer. 

Small Group Training




Boot Camps

Our most popular and effective training program, the small group training offers the perfect mix of team camradery and personal attention.  Small group training is limited to 6 participants and takes place throughout the gym.  This is not a fitness studio class.  As an added bonus, clients enrolled in small group training get full access to all boot camp classes.

Our one-on-one training is the fully customizable program that is tailored to your specific fitness needs.  Our personal trainer will work with you to set, track and achieve your goals, whether it is competitive event preparation such as a race, injury recovery, or to breathe life into a stagnant exercise routine.  This is the perfect choice for clients who need personalized attention to guide them through an exercise routine.

Our Bootcamps are high-energy group workouts that focus on building strength while improving flexibility, agility and balance.  No workout will ever be the same, but they will all deliver the intense and varied routine that gives the life changing results you are looking for.  We offer daily boot camps with different themes to keep you motivated!.


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